Schnell Energy

The vision of Schnell Energy is to support Australia in its zero carbon emissions and support the economy through hydrogen export.

Current Projects

On Going Project

Working in collaboration with a renowned academic institutions, to develop a commercial electrolyser to produce green hydrogen and its transport for remote use and export.

  • Simulating the design of bench top electrolysers to support house based solar systems.
  • Developing liquified direct ammonia production by reducing nitrogen with water through electrocatalysis.
  • Providing solution to different companies in renewable energy, converting waste to energy and making their various processes energy efficient with minimal Carbon emissions.

Factory Address

3/135 Somerset Road,
Campbellfield VIC 3061

Corporate Address

Level 14, 380 St Kilda Road,
Melbourne, VIC 3004

Keepin Touch

Phone : +61 038 391 3150
e: raghavgupta@schnelle​
w: www.schnelle​